The Stories

The Sawgrass Footpath

The Sawgrass Footpath, unfolds with one nightmare after another. In leaving his hometown in Virginia, to get away from the circus his parent's gruesome murders had become, Dr. Tom Diggins and his lovely wife, Ann, find a whole new batch of horrors in a home they bought in Florida under false pretenses, a beautiful house.... where a family was murdered! The wife, the children; all while the father was away. What follows is tremendous treachery and heartache over the insanity and brutality of the cultish murderers who are now after Dr. Tom and his wife, Ann, ending in what can only be described as the most ghoulish of murders.


Lady in the Backyard

Lady in the Backyard – Audiobook

The Lady in the Backyard is a tale written on a supposed old urban legend. Old Lady Martin, who was wrongfully accused of being a witch in the state of Florida, seeks vengeance, and it will be on the family who now lives on the property where she was burned. This is a rather unique tale and it leaves the readers imagination to fear the worse. This story rides on the sheer terror alone.


The Ridge

Blackwater of Cassadaga

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