Tales from the graves

Follow Tressa Graves Productions, as they dig deep down to your innermost fears. With comedy and horror, Tressa Graves presses the boundaries and takes you places you never thought possible.

The games have just started with Tressa Graves new series ‘Tales from the Graves!

Circus Boy
RATED R Simulated Frontal Nudity The dEaD
Tales from the Graves Opening
The Alley
Science Fiction Horror scary images
Red Witch
horror Rated R terrifying images
Staring Sam Hamilton as Noah Rodgers
Dave Baker as Tam Jenkins
Written, Directed and Produced by Tressa Graves
Rated R
Language – Drug Reference – Violence – Sex a man is seen masturbating into the camera
The Walk
S1 E1
Kick the Bucket
Rated R Scary images and sounds
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