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TRESSA GRAVES is an American novelist, known primarily for her work in the genre of horror. After achieving success with her novel, ‘The Sawgrass Footpath,’ gaining further notoriety in modeling, in turn, leading to new projects such as the launching of three new companies,Tressa Graves Publications, Bohemian Promotions and Huggies From My Juggies t-shirt line as well as her podcast, The Dark Hours.

New writing projects include a book of short stories, ‘The Dark Hours Series’ and her first true crime story, which is very well researched, as it is her own. There is also an ample backlog of unreleased work to come out in good time.

As Tressa is not your typical bookstore type, she has chosen her book signing appearances where people already gather for good times, drink and tell stories of their own. What better than taverns, pubs and restaurants! With the help of the different establishment’s marketing managers, an opportunity developed to garner promotional support from Bud Light. Between the support of Bud Light and Dick’s Last Resort, Tressa has enjoyed a significant jump in her celebrity.

A two year hiatus was forced on Tressa due to a bad stalker situation. The Police and FBI investigation is still ongoing and Tressa has struggled to overcome developed phobias and fears. However, not only has she found the strength to venture back out in public, Tressa has built a significant level of confidence in writing out her experiences in her first non-fiction, true crime story. Tressa never thought her first true crime story would be her own. The title of the book is, ‘The Stalking of Tressa Graves The MONSTER of Melbourne’ and reliving the experience is something she did not want to do. But, by suggestions of the law enforcement involved, she decided to move forward with it. The officers have said this is the worst case of stalking they’ve ever seen and suggested the story should be shared with others.

Though Tressa enjoys living in east Tennessee and taking weekend drives in the mountains, her heart still yearns for the swamps in her home state of Florida. She is a fanatical fan of Dolly Parton and who was the impetus for Tressa to move to Tennessee. Tressa is also, ‘Stephen King’s #1 fan’ and her collection of his books and movies are the only thing to rival her collection of Dolly’s music and memorabilia. Tressa is a gamer who loves ‘first person shooter’ games on Playstation, as well as any version of, Mario!


Sam Hamilton – Manager – Producer

Sam Hamilton was born and raised in Wisconsin, but, as living in Tennessee for some time, now knows the difference between ‘Yankee’ and ‘Damn Yankee,’ to which he qualifies. In having met, ‘that woman,’ Tressa Graves, on Facebook and a relationship developed, Mr. Hamilton then began editing and managing her writing career. As an accomplished business professional, Mr. Hamilton introduced some best value practices which has helped take Miss Graves’ career to ‘the next level,’ developing her writing for the transition to television and/or the silver screen. Mr. Hamilton loves to travel, which fits in perfect with Miss Graves’ book signing appearances and promotional tours. Even non-working weekends finds the couple traveling in and about the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.


Stephen Roberts – Producer

Stephen Roberts is a lifelong resident of Michigan who started his career as blue-collar, with the associated very strong work ethic. Unfortunately, Mr. Roberts developed rheumatoid arthritis well before retirement age and was now in need of a new career path. Upon earning an Associate in Applied Science – Mass Communications from The University of Phoenix, Mr. Roberts has always been politically minded and began producing and broadcasting his own ‘government watchdog’ show, ‘Cancel the Cabal with Stephen Roberts’ on the ‘People’s Internet Radio’ since February 2013. In the fall of 2015, Mr. Roberts had the opportunity to interview, Tressa Graves, to which a working relationship developed. Since this time, Mr. Roberts has been producing Miss Graves’ two different podcast shows, ‘The Monsters of Melbourne’ and ‘The Dark Hours.’ Mr. Roberts producing for Miss Graves has vastly expanded his professional experience, but also, has helped her work through the challenges associated with her stalking case and has been instrumental in taking ‘The Dark Hours’ to new levels.


Phillip (Philly) James Assenmacher – Producer

Born in November 1960, Philly grew up in Detroit and Dearborn Michigan, HighSchool was Fordson (Go Tractors). One of his first jobs was at Peaches Records & Tapes #3 Dearborn, where he met his wife Kathryn and a lot of musical celebrities. After a short uneventful musical career, he decided he liked recording music which led him to music production and later video production. A chance encounter with actor Ron Hively gave him the chance to start working in television for “Creep Theater”(160 episodes over 9 years) and “The Ron and John Show”. There he met producer James Korloch and filmed the red carpet event for the premier of his film “Dog”. He also met actor Mike Ancrile who he started a web pod called “The Mike Ancrile Variety Show” and writer Tressa Graves with whom he promoted and produced book trailers for horror authors, and Director Michael Donald Bryant with whom he filmed his castings sessions for the Raven Bower inspired film “Apparitions”.

His film credits include Drew Glicks “A Tiger in the Dark:Decadence Pt 1:Final Conflict” as Camera operator, “Becoming a Stuntman Too”as Co-Cinematographer, and consulting producer for two video shorts “Origins of Evil:Virus D” and Eden Rising:Apocalypse”

Currently on his “Top Hat And Goggles” youtube channel Philly has over 650 videos and 110,000 views and invites you to subscribe and watch his 150+ Music videos, Celebrity interviews, Creep Theater shows, and Tressa Graves Publications work.
He is also available on Facebook under Assenmacher Productions.


Mike Shaver – Narrator/Voice Actor

The newest member of our staff, Mike was born in late December 1966, spent his early childhood in Northern Kentucky and then moved to Southwestern Ohio in 1975. He began his radio career 1987 for WAZU in Springfield, Ohio, and he has since worked in other markets including Columbus, Colorado Springs, and multiple stations in and around the Dayton area, including WSWO-LP in Huber Heights, where he currently hosts a Saturday evening radio show he calls “Everything 70s”. He has also adapted, produced and directed a couple of radio dramas, including his own adaptation of the Dickens classic “A Christmas Carol”, which has become an annual holiday broadcast. He has also lent his talent (visual AND audio) to home videos and documentaries that have been nationally broadcast.

In his spare time Mike enjoys 20th century history, science fiction, and Australian Rules Football, but his passion is retro pop culture and music history, which he owes to his three older sisters. He currently lives in New Lebanon, Ohio with his family.


Chassidy Armstrong – Artist

Miss Armstrong lives in the small, but ever growing town of Knoxville. Having been raised in the countyside until her middle school years, she developed an affinity for animals. She is very fond of her two black cats, Kitty and Ashes, her Black Lab, Baby and her Chilean Rose tarantula, Death Star. Her love for anmials motivates her to occasionally volunteer at the animal shelter to help animals get adopted. Miss Armstrong has an eclectic taste in music, with a favorite in, ‘My Chemical Romance’ and takes inspiration from their music. Professionally, Miss Armstrong is an artist having worked in various logo design and apparel lines. She aspired to be an artist since the age of seven. She has worked with local bands to help produce their merchandise, giving them a professional flair. Recently, Miss Armstrong has ventured into book cover design for, ‘Tressa Graves Publications’ and their client authors. Miss Armstrong is also a gamer and would love to have the opportunity to become a graphic designer for the video game giant, Blizzard.


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