Sociopath The short film inspired by actual events

Tressa Graves walks you through some of the most terrifying experiences she had lived.

‘Sociopath’ is a powerful story of one woman’s struggle to fight through the fear a deranged stalker has thrust upon her. A fan gone mad. Inspired by actual events, Tressa Graves, tells her story through a screen adaptation as writer and assistant director. She puts her character, Michelle Teague, into an unrelenting horror, through the deepest and darkest mind of, Rod Hunter. Michelle, not only is forced to deal with Rod, but, his two evil cohorts, Oli and Rian as well. In the day and age of the internet, like-minded and evil people are able to easily find each other, making stalking even more dangerous than before.

Sociopath – Remastered – Directors Cut


Donations will go to helping pay medical bill for Tressa Graves. Cancer and fibromyalgia. Thank you for the support



Writer/Screenplay/ Assistant Director Tressa Graves is an American novelist known for her work in the genre of horror and psychological thrillers, as well as true crime. Her novels and short stories include: The Sawgrass Footpath The Stalking Monster an eight part series (inspire by actual events) Lady in the Backyard Dream Friend Blackwater of Cassadaga Tressa has now cut her teeth as a screenwriter, director and producer. There are three short films in post-production, with the first to be released is, ‘Sociopath’ which was inspired by actual events. Tressa is not your typical bookstore type, to which she has chosen her book signing appearances to be where people already gather for good times, drink and tell stories of their own. What better than taverns, pubs and restaurants! With the help of each of the establishment’s marketing managers, an opportunity developed to garner promotional support from Bud Light. Between the support of Bud Light and Dick’s Last Resort, Tressa has enjoyed a significant jump in her celebrity. A five year hiatus was forced on Tressa due to a bad stalker situation. The Police and FBI investigation is still ongoing and Tressa has struggled to overcome developed phobias and fears. However, not only has she found the strength to venture back out in public, Tressa has built a significant level of confidence in writing out her experiences in her first non-fiction, true crime story. Tressa never thought her first true crime story would be her own. The title of the book is, ‘The Stalking of Tressa Graves – The MONSTER of Melbourne’ and reliving the experience is something she did not want to do. But, by suggestions of the law enforcement involved, she decided to move forward with it. The officers have said this is one of the most severe cases of stalking they’ve seen and suggested the story should be shared with others. It will be a very well researched story, as it is her own. A side project taking off with a life of its own is, ‘The Stalking Monster’ which is a fictional story, ‘inspired by’ actual events. Tressa never intended or expected this to be the raging success it has. During the time Tressa was in counseling, this storyline was originally formulated as a form of frustration for her stalker and to expose him as the monster he is. It has garnered the interest of the right people for Tressa to be asked to generate an eight-part series for a movie production. Other new writing projects include a book of short stories, ‘The Dark Hours’ Series. Tressa now suffers with fibromyalgia due to her stalking. ©Tressa Graves Productions

Sex & Nudity

A possible Rape scene is questioned.
We see the actress taking a shower no frontal nudity is visible.
We see a woman’s backside while taking a shower.
A woman lays on the carpet in a bra and panties.
We see a woman walk to the shower wearing thongs.

Violence & Gore
The violence is deeply disturbing

Vulgar language
Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Drugs are mentioned in a few scenes

Frightening & Intense Scenes
A woman is being brutally stalked and harassed. Many uncomfortable scenes through entire film.

November 30th 2020
Christopher Zisi

Beautiful? Can a brutal, vicious, misogynistic film be beautiful? When we discuss early 1970 drive-in cinema, beautiful isn’t a word we use. Grainy, exploitation, and depraved are more familiar words for that sub-genre. Still, what Tressa Graves has given us here is a film shot in the style of those early 1970s nasty classics, but with an air of diminutive beauty and cinematic sensitivity. I will even hazard to call Tressa Graves’ horrific tale a musical…stay tuned. Inspired, sadly, by all too true events, many of you will be allured by a reality that is a horrible stain in our society.

Michelle (Ashley Foster) is a sultry songstress…or was. We’ll be treated midway through this 28 minute film as she tells us her story through song. A few years ago Michelle’s world changed. All she desired was to share her beautiful voice and songs with a world so in need of beauty and kindness. In horror, these pristine characters usually meet with slaughter, An evil stalker (Gary L. Minix) attaches himself to her plight. Michelle attempted to fight back using legal means. Unfortunately, when dealing with the criminally insane, those fiends have all the advantages. As the authorities have their hands tied, Michelle is left on her own to either fight back or die horribly. Our pillar of virtue and good is not a fighter, sadly…she’s an ambassador of love and femininity. How do you think this will end up?

Michelle’s ruined dreams do not strip her of song. We’ll hear her and the beauty of her voice and the passion that is narrated by it will make us horrified that an evil fiend could shut her off. Then, and we saw this coming, the empowered monster makes his move. He won’t be alone. His buddy (Mike Ancrile) will join him. What they desire to do to the beautiful Michelle is brutal, misogynistic, and perverted.  Uh oh…to put an exclamation point on Michelle’s humiliation and helplessness, song will also be utilized to tell the story of our vicious antagonist. Alas, Michelle’s refuge (in song) is stolen and exploited by her violator. 

Does Michelle have a prayer of surviving her stalker? Will our fair damsel be left with any refuge to find comfort in, or will her misogynistic tormentor score a total destruction of our wonderful songbird? Warning: This film by Tressa Graves is a convicting dramatic effort aimed at all of us who allow the evil tones of misogyny to permeate our already broken culture and society. We plead at the silver screen that evil won’t win out in “Sociopath,” but perhaps we should begin acting to fix a broken criminal justice system and an entertainment culture that perpetuates the kind of evil displayed in this film. See “Sociopath,” and think heavily about its messages.

November 4 , 2020
Dave Baker
 Film editor – Producer
‘Dave Films’
Turn off the lights and dive in to a modern day take on the slasher genre so many of us loved during the 80’s. It is called Sociopath. You are not going to get Oscar winning performances, but, it’s worth checking out and is a NEW study in Terror and Madness!
This film follows Michelle, a young woman stalked by several sick men, who, from my observation, obviously HATE women.

This is a film equivalent to a page-turner. It moves the plot along at a fairly brisk pace, with revelations of how the sick-minded stalkers think and their method of murders. It is gruesome and dramatic and, some of the actors really commit themselves to their sleazy, wicked characters. The film is at its best when it commits to the high drama and outrageous madness.

I did enjoy the ORIGINAL music in the soundtrack. It was refreshing but, helped tell the story as well.

But, one of the most frightening aspects of this film is, it’s based on TRUE EVENTS!

But WHO’s “true event”? The actors in the film (Ashley Foster, Gary Minix, Mike Achrile,or Stig Rahm) OR the director/producer (Tressa Graves)?

Your guess is as good as mine. But, good luck with your nightmares trying to figure it out!!


Amy Crabtree – Actress/ Model

Author,Director and Producer Tressa Graves put her real life horror story onto the screen in Sociopath Short Film.
As you watch singer Michelle played by a very talented Ashley Foster try to forget her horrific past of being stalked and harassed and make her singing career thrive. You slowly watch the terror unfold. As the stalking and much worse returns with a terrible vengeance to revisit Michelle. Rod played by Gary L. Minix along with his two evil minions they return to make Michelle’s life a living hell.
If this film was fictitious it would still make for a hell of a thrill ride. But as you watch just knowing that all of this and MORE truly happened to someone makes this short film one of the most frightening short horror films that I have seen in a very long time. I also want to add that the soundtrack choices were also perfectly chosen to go along with the bleak and terrifying pace. Please give this short film a watch and then head over to Tressa’s website to read all about her story in her own words.

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