Sociopath The short film inspired by actual events

Tressa Graves walks you through some of the most terrifying experiences she had lived.

‘Sociopath’ is a powerful story of one woman’s struggle to fight through the fear a deranged stalker has thrust upon her. A fan gone mad. Inspired by actual events, Tressa Graves, tells her story through a screen adaptation as writer and assistant director. She puts her character, Michelle Teague, into an unrelenting horror, through the deepest and darkest mind of, Rod Hunter. Michelle, not only is forced to deal with Rod, but, his two evil cohorts, Oli and Rian as well. In the day and age of the internet, like-minded and evil people are able to easily find each other, making stalking even more dangerous than before.

Tressa Graves walks you through some of the most terrifying experiences she had lived.
RATED R Sex & Nudity A possible Rape scene is questioned. We see the actress taking a shower some nudity is visible. We see a woman’s backside while taking a shower. A woman lays on the carpet in a bra and panties. We see a woman walk to the shower wearing thongs. Violence & Gore The violence is deeply disturbing


Donations will go to helping pay medical bill for Tressa Graves. Cancer and fibromyalgia. Thank you for the support



Amy Crabtree – Actress/ Model

Author,Director and Producer Tressa Graves put her real life horror story onto the screen in Sociopath Short Film.
As you watch singer Michelle played by a very talented Ashley Foster try to forget her horrific past of being stalked and harassed and make her singing career thrive. You slowly watch the terror unfold. As the stalking and much worse returns with a terrible vengeance to revisit Michelle. Rod played by Gary L. Minix along with his two evil minions they return to make Michelle’s life a living hell.
If this film was fictitious it would still make for a hell of a thrill ride. But as you watch just knowing that all of this and MORE truly happened to someone makes this short film one of the most frightening short horror films that I have seen in a very long time. I also want to add that the soundtrack choices were also perfectly chosen to go along with the bleak and terrifying pace. Please give this short film a watch and then head over to Tressa’s website to read all about her story in her own words.

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