Jessica Le Mae Agre -Love
Maryville Tennessee

It is a dark, stormy day here in East Tennessee…and I am feeling a bit under the weather..I can think of nothing better to do the bury myself beneath my covers and curl up with my very own copy THE SAWGRASS FOOTPATH..By The Queen Of Horror..Miss Tressa Graves..My only disappointment may come when I finish the last 100 pages….Very much looking forward to the next book..If y’all are looking for a new author to read..I recommend Tressa Graves..she surely does not disappoint………..P.S..a special shoutout of thanx to my hubby Brian Love..for surprising me with my copy Saturday

Mikhael Ricker Parisi
Madison Wisconsin

The Horror novel “the Sawgrass Footpath”, by nationally famous Author Tressa Graves. She gave it to my daughter for a birthday present….I might let her read it when she is 35! Scary, scary book!

Johnny Eudy
Salem North Carolina

I started reading this book just after it came in the mail. It started out intriguing, then escalated into drama, then to horror and then it came to life. I can see this actually happening. Tressa Graves is an awesome writer, and I will be purchasing her books for as long as she intends on writing. As an author myself, she is very talented and I can’t wait until the next book. Tressa as a writer and a friend, keep up the great work. PS, if you don’t purchase this book, you will miss out on one of the most horrifying stories since “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”.

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