Quarantine – New Web Series

Quarantine Trailer

Follow Tony Berks as he gradually sees the virus he once considered a hoax, change his life. Tony documents his daily life on his vlog called ‘T’s World.’ Tony, a Florida native, moved from Tampa to Detroit, Michigan, where he helped his ailing mother. After her passing and dealing with a broken marriage, he found himself stuck in Detroit. His daily vlog helped him through the tough times of his failing marriage and keeping his love of Tampa close by. However, will it help him deal with the new virus, known on the streets as, Dr.Death?



Mike Ancrile as Tony Berks

Mike Ancrile

Actor Mike Ancrile at Tressa Graves Productions


Tressa Graves as

Angela Berks

Tressa Graves

Tressa Graves Productions

Tressa Graves Productions


Quarantine Behind the scenes


Quarantine Episodes 1 & 2

Quarantine Episode Three

Quarantine Episode Four 

Quarantine Episode Five

Quarantine Episode Six

Quarantine Episode Seven

Quarantine Episode Eight

Quarantine – Ending Season Episode

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