Finally breaking my silence 😥

I have been less than active online of late, due to staying very tired with no enegry. I’ve been sleeping all the time, being awake no longer than 5 hours at a time.

I found out I had an infection and was put on Clindamycin, which is a horribly powerful antibiotic, usually reserved for very serious bacterial infections.

I am still very tired, but feeling the antibiotic working! Yea!

I will be back to work very soon. This has me considerably beind on the release of my movie shorts we have recorded, as well as my Patreon account 😥…

Wish me a speedy recovery!

Huggies! Love y’all~~~

Workin Workin more than 9 to 5

Up late drinking a glass of red wine and writing. I am trying to finish the two different miniseries I am submitting to two major movie companies (thanks to my agent). Why go in with just one?
When INSOMNIA kicks in there is nothing left to do other than write. Now back to it~~~

#miniseries #filmproduction #tressagraves #beingstalked

Tressa Graves Novelist

New works

Three new films and a full length novel coming soon. I am also working on two new books. The days are getting away from me.
Make sure you visit my website and pick up a copy of ‘The Sawgrass Footpath’…
#author #filmmaker #sociopaths #stalking #movieproduction #tressagraves

Tressa Graves News

Things for me right now could not be any better! I have the worlds GREATEST agent who believes 100% in me. Things are rolling! Not only do I have three movies under my belt but even more is coming~~~
#author #movieproduction #screenplaywriter #truecrime #stalking #tressagraves #psychologicalthrillers #horror #filmmaker

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