Tressa Graves Publications would like to introduce a few of their authors.

john kilmore


John Kilmore
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Tommy Gunn
Thomas “Tommy” Gunn – Author – Screenwriter 
Mr. Gunn lives on the lake in Cleveland, Ohio, with a slightly chubby pitbull terrier named, Petunia, and an inquisitive cat named, Hiroshima. He is a martial arts instructor and Sifu 師傅 (master). Mr. Gunn is a staunch community outreach/anti-bully advocate and makes time for a local BRIDGE program, linking accomplished people with kids. As a BMX enthusiast and whirlwind dreamer, living life at full throttle with a fist pumped in the air has always been priority one. Mr. Gunn has a passion for art and classic literature, which led him to author the upcoming series, The Children of Eden, Divine Wind, and The Eldritch Wor. A recent introduction to, ‘The Southern Queen of Darkness,’ Tressa Graves, has led to some wonderful opportunities. Upon reading a sample of his writing, Miss Graves, convinced him to channel every ounce of energy into something amazing and dynamic, to publish his first novel. The crystal ball and mirror mirror on the wall are both saying, it shall be the first of many more to come!
Novel coming soon

Tom Sawyer
More information Coming Soon

Duwane Ledbetter

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