Tressa Graves Productions would like to introduce a few of their authors.

John Kilmore

John Kilmore

john kilmore

Follow John on his daily blog ‘UNDER A MINUTE’
John Kilmore ‘UNDER A MINUTE’

John Kilmore The Dark Hours

John Kilmore The Devil’s Dues

Tom Sawyer

Tressa Graves Productions Presents Tom Sawyer

Tressa Graves talks about being Published
Coming Soon New Novel

Tressa Graves Productions Presents Suspicious Minds and Murders

Follow Tom Sawyer on his weekly podcast ‘Writers Block’
Tom Sawyer ‘Writers Block’
Tom Sawyer Writer

Rodney Reed

Tressa Graves Productions Author Rodney Reed

Author Rodney Reed

The Concubine’s Boyfriend

Rodney Reed The Dark Hours

Stephen Eiland

Cap’n Creepy’s House of Shame

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