Month: April 2021

Quarantine S2E7

Tony Berks sets out to find whatever information he can about the mysterious Dr. Acola.

Sociopath Director’s cut

Sociopath – Director’s CutTressa Graves walks you through some of the most terrifying experiences she had lived.RATED R Sex & Nudity A possible Rape scene is questioned.We see the actress taking a shower some nudity is visible.We see a woman’s backside while taking a shower.A woman lays on the carpet

The Dark Hours with Dave Baker

Follow Dave Baker as he finds his next victim for The Dark Hours. This week Dave sits down with the crew of Tressa Graves Productions.

Quarantine s2e6 dr.akola


The saga continues with Tony Burks, who has struggled with his thoughts as he tries to keep his dwindling audience from losing all hope from the ever menacing, virus “Dr. Death.” Angela, his estranged wife, continues to show affection, but what is behind her true intentions are unclear as Tony

Quarantine s2e6 – The Lie

Staring Tressa Graves as Angela BerksMichael Sanchez as Alejandro Ramirez Rated MatureSexual Innuendo

A few chocolate squares later…

My Delta 8


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