Quarantine Reviews

Terri G. – Quarantine
Seriously..you believe the “fake news”. Lol
It’s awesome.

Jennifer H. – Quarantine
Mon, Apr 27, 8:18 AM (2 days ago)

Crazy! So is this like some offshoot project? HAHA! Nice hat! Glad you are keeping busy!!! Great job!:)

Vince L. – Quarantine
Mon, Apr 27, 8:52 AM (2 days ago)

Veronica D. – Quarantine
8:32 AM (2 hours ago)
Great work Tony, so fun to watch!

Jesse P. – Quarantine
Mon, Apr 27, 8:14 PM (2 days ago)

Mike aka Tony,
Hey, just a shout-out ya.
Took me a while to find the site but I finally got to it. How many episodes have you produced? When will the next episode(s) be aired.

Elaine S. – Quarantine
Mon, Apr 20, 7:47 PM (9 days ago)

How many did you do? I want to see them all!

Sarah K. – Quarantine

This will be very interesting to see where the show ends up. I have to say I fear what is to come. Keep up the great work.

Clarence G. – Quarantine
These are fun to watch!

Jacqueline C. – Sociopath
I like hearing her amazing story. I will have to see the movie, but will have my eyes closed most of the time.

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