New Web Series April 27, 2020

Story/Screenplay/ Assistant Director/ Actress/ Author
Tressa Graves is an American novelist known primarily for her work in the genre of Horror and Psychological Thrillers as well as True Crime. Her novels include,
The Sawgrass Footpath
The Stalking Monster an eight part series (inspire by actual events)
Lady in the Backyard
Dream Friend
Blackwater of Cassadaga
With also a sizeable backlog portfolio of yet to be released stories.
Tressa’s mind is always at work, formulating new stories on a near daily basis.
She keeps busy with three additional projects:
Tressa Graves Productions
‘TGP’ is exciting for Tressa, as she has now cut her teeth as screenwriter, actress, director and producer, with her latest project, ‘Quarantine.’ Mike Ancrile, stars in this fictional account of today’s events. As if the coronavirus isn’t scary enough on its own, with Tressa adding her own twist, it is amplified beyond imagination.
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The Dark Hours Podcast

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