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Tressa Graves – Film Director – Sociopath

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Inside the mind of a Sociopath!
Hello my name is Tressa Graves and my life has been turned upside down for 4 years and counting. My new series ‘Why did you write that?’ is inspired by by actual events. It is inspired by by my movie ‘Sociopath’ and my book series ‘The Stalking Monster’. This has been a very long journey. Reliving some of the horrific nightmares is beyond fearful but I do it for therapy as well as awareness.
In a nutshell I have been BRUTALLY STALKED! The FBI and police are working very hard on my open case. I can’t share everything but what I can share I hope it helps. Once my court case is closed I will be writing my first nonfiction book titled ‘The stalking of Tressa Graves The mOnStEr of Melbourne.’
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