Feeling great and on top of the ðŸŒŽ

Dealing with a mOnStEr has been hard for many years but I have always still moved forward. I have had my ups and downs but still kept my ❤, head and emotions where they needed to be. I have a huge ❤ and do what I can to help others which in return helps me. This is why I am making this post. Yesterday, Friday the 13th, was a great day. I went to Dunkin Donuts and ordered my usual, a pumpkin spice hot coffee with 1 splenda and 7 creamers. I also ordered for Sam ordered a large black coffee and two 🍩. When we pulled to the window the lady told us the car in front of us had paid our bill. I was all smiles as I told Sam see all we do for others have now come back ❤. #payitforwardSo then Sam goes into work and was surprised by a 65 inch 4K TV!I am beside myself with joy!The morale of the story is do something nice and it will come back! I hope this is the case for my true story ‘Sociopath”! I hope it helps someone going through the same situation as I am❤www.tressagraves.com#Hollywood #hollywoodtruecrime #stalking #holidays #December #Christmas #tressagraves #google #search #graphicnovel #play

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