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So sorry so sad

Learn to suffer even more

Crack Whore

Sociopath coming 2019

E-mails sent to Michelle Teague

Honey….You’re dead. One nice thing abut AIDS…It kills white trash like you.
You have 2 guns…Just shoot youself when you is sleeping… Just shoot yourself in the back of the head while you is watching TV in your livin room with the red curtains.
Hope you are dead by the end of the day. 🤗

The more you try…The more you die. 😎 How are you enjoying the AIDS today? Lolololol! The funny thing is…You’ll due from yous AIDS soon…Every this you doesn’t matter. Lololololololol!

But keep trying…The more you die the more I lived…

#tressagraves #sociopaththemovie #filmproduction #moviesoundtrack

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