Month: August 2019

Back in the saddle

Stay tuned for multiple shows on my Podcast ‘The Dark Hours’! I will be talking about the newest movie I filmed inspired by actual events ‘sOcIoPaTh’. Sociopath takes you on a woman’s journey through pure fear of what happens when a sociopath and his friends target you. A chilling movie


Friends everywhere~~~

Crack Whore

I will be releasing teasers soon for ‘Sociopath’! Inspired by actual events! Learn to SUFFER even more~~~

Burn~~~ 🔥

You should be careful when you try to BURN someones reputation. Yours might catch alight instead.

Three movies

I am very happy to say I now have three movies under my company TGP! All screenplays written by me. I am pleased to say ‘Sociopath’ will be be released first. It is based on my ‘Stalking Monster Series’ which deals with the horrible stalking I have endured over more

Entertainment at Woodnote cabin

The Dark Hours

On location

On location filming

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