I am really excited because today I send out a revised screenplay of my new movie. I can’t wait to advertise for this one. I am also thinking about selling the ‘Phantom Dark Emotions’ movie poster. They will be numbered and signed. There won’t be many. Anyone interested please let me know. I will probably start advertising next week.
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Good Morning

Good Morning….

Tomorrow, the Dark hours will be releasing our first ever video on Woodnote Cabin who is a proud sponsor of Tressa Graves Productions!

Then on Sunday, we start the all new Mike Ancrile Variety Show!
Updates are coming on my website of all my new projects!

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Good Afternoon

Just got back from a 2 mile walk feeling good~~~

Getting prepared for another 🎥 shoot! This time two movies 😘😍

An entire cast this time around!


Sooooo….I got this Burger King glass as a gift from the hubby 😃 I was sooooooo 😊💚💚💚
Been wanting this for so long~~~


Fat Fat Fat

Just ordered 26 cookies from Subway… 18 double chocolate 4 smore and 4 raspberry cream cheese…

I am stuffed

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