Month: May 2019

True Crime

Had a very long but productive day. Tomorrow more filming and writing. Not only do I have multiple miniseries but now an all new podcast as well. Coming this summer ‘True Crime with Tressa Graves’ wow life is good 🖤! One thing is for sure I stay very busy 😝

New Podcast this summer

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Hello everybody I am headed to Chicago once again! The Stalking mOnStEr is making progress. I reckon people are interested in others stories especially when they are so horrible. I am certian my following shakes their heads very often at my true crime. I may stay a few days but

The Island in Pigeon Forge Tennessee

Had a great night in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. Heading back tomorrow so I can camp out and write ‘The Stalking Monster’ 🖤🖤🖤 #writer #getaway #stalking #stalker

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New show

Good Morning everybody…. I have some filming to do today for some changes coming to my Podcast ‘The Dark Hours’ I am changing things up a bit with two new shows! I will still have Sunday Nightmares but everything else is changing up! An all new show staring yours truly~~~


Good Morning 🌞 Busy Busy day! I need to write as well as do some filming today!

The Island

Long fun night in Pigeon Forge and The Island! Just left Publix now headed home. Tomorrow I need to write! 💋💋💋

Great day for ‘The Stalking Monster’

Good Morning Lovies… I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am over my miniseries~~~ Time to get back to writing and see how smooth things go. Huggies

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