The Stalking of Tressa Graves

Hi everybody I am still in the process of working on Hidden Evil as well as the true crime novel based off my actual Stalking case.

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Now that I am back in town I will be more active!

Huggies and thanks to everyone for the well wishes after our recent fire. Also, my injuries are healing from my fall!

Love y’all bunches


Hi everybody

Psychological Thriller The Stalking Monster read by Tressa Graves

The Stalking Monster read by Stephen Roberts

The Stalking Monster Hep C Meth Whore read by Sam Hamilton

The Stalking Monster Basement Tomb read by Sam Hamilton

So sad…

Tressa Graves and Facebook messenger

As an fyi….Tressa no longer runs her Messenger and it is managed by others.

However, Tressa, still personally runs her Facebook page and you are welcome to contact her there.

Thank you for your understanding and consideration.

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