Book Reviews The Stalking Monster

February 16,2018 Joseph McMurray

I have heard The Stalking Monster via audio and it was good. For anyone who have been stalked in their lives need to read this book. It is amazing form of literature, it will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next. This book will show people the serious problems that stalking can cause a person. Stalking is a dangerous crime. I recommend this book to all people. It is a great book that is well written.

February 18,2018 Tom Sawyer

It was intense, grim and kind of a depressing nightmare.
You can see the fear and terror you had to endure from your own experience in this story. Storywise it was good. You could not believe what was happening and so graphic in its descriptions. Very unpredictable. It was like one nightmare ended and
another one started, yet was actually the continuation of the same one.
February 14,2018 Johnny Eudy
the story is very graphic. its a tale of human suffering and endurance at the hands of a madman…..its riveting, and very realistic. you will find yourself inside the mind of the victim. seeing what she sees and feeling what she feels. all the way to the end….trying to keep hope alive for this poor woman….you wont be sorry for getting this book.

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