Month: June 2018

Learn to SUFFER Even more

The Stalking Monster Prequel Written by Tressa Graves An eight part series Official Stalking Monster facebook Page

Stronger than before ‘Pain’ makes one strong

Absolute Inspiration

Tressa Graves hard at work ‘The Stalking Monster-Hidden Evil

The story of Rod Hunters parents. Tressa Graves Official Website

Book Reviews The Stalking Monster

February 16,2018 Joseph McMurray I have heard The Stalking Monster via audio and it was good. For anyone who have been stalked in their lives need to read this book. It is amazing form of literature, it will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen

Tressa Graves Productions Presents

Busy day with work

The Stalking Monster-Hidden is almost complete please follow Tressa Graves here on her blog. Tressa Graves Official Website

Tressa Graves

Good times coming my way~~~

Learn to SUFFER Even more

The Stalking Monster

Silly Rabbit tricks are for kids

Tressa Graves Official MySpace

Hi everybody Tressa here ~~~

Thanks to everyone for your support! So many of you are sending me emails…etc! It feels good being back on the top of my game. I love the spotlight. Soooooo many good things coming my way! Love y’all bunches~~~ Huggies from my Juggies Tressa ~~~

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