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The Stalking Monster

Hi everybody

Life has been throwing me many challenges, but, I am getting back up…again! The last few weeks have been hard. ‘The Stalking’ has taken a major toll on me, in which I almost ended up in the hospital once again. This person has had his eye set on me for

The Stalking Monster Book Review

True-to-life horror… February 19, 2018 Format: Kindle Edition I read the text story and listened to the audiobook – I’d recommend the audio version. Ms. Graves constructs a story that is frightening because this is a story that can happen to anyone: it winds through a “fictional” account of fear,

The Stalking Monster-Hidden Evil

Jean Riley mother of Rod Hunter knew the Monster she was carrying inside her. She didn’t even want the flawed child~~~ The Stalking Monster-Hidden Evil Coming Summer 2018

Tressa Graves

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