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Hi everybody

Life has been throwing me many challenges, but, I am getting back up…again! The last few weeks have been hard. ‘The Stalking’ has taken a major toll on me, in which I almost ended up in the hospital once again.

This person has had his eye set on me for over two years and does not seem to be willing to let me go. I live terrified almost daily.
If y’all have not picked up my newest short story, ‘The Stalking Monster’ do so now as it is inspired by actual events! This will end up being a five part series!

The Stalking Monster Book Review

February 19, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition
I read the text story and listened to the audiobook – I’d recommend the audio version. Ms. Graves constructs a story that is frightening because this is a story that can happen to anyone: it winds through a “fictional” account of fear, anxiety, and less than happy results. The audiobook is read by the author and her tense voice along with the unnerving background music heightens the feeling of dread and puts the listener into the story. When listening, you might want to look behind you to make sure Rod & his wife aren’t peering through your windows.

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