The Stalking Monster Reviews

•February 19, 2018

True-to-life horror

I read the text story and listened to the audiobook. I’d recommend the audio version. Ms. Graves constructs a story that is frightening because this is a story that can happen to anyone: it winds through a “fictional” account of fear, anxiety, and less than happy results. The audiobook is read by the author and her tense voice along with the unnerving background music heightens the feeling of dread and puts the listener into the story.When listening, you might want to look behind you to make sure Rod & his wife aren’t peering through your windows.


February 16, 2018

I found The Stalking Monster book, riveting and spine-tingling. Knowing the Author personally, and also knowing that this was and is a true story based on her own experiences. As with her previous novel THE SAWGRASS FOOTPATH, kept me glued to the pages, as with all her writings. They are very hard to put down. This is just another addition to my already extensive library of books and novels. Get this one, you won’t be disappointed.

J Eudy

February 12, 2018

Like fine wine, she just keeps getting better! She’s among the best and tells it in a way that commands your complete and undivided attention. Bravo, another great one!

Bill Rhea

February 12, 2018

Intense and sad. Very much enjoyed “The Stalking Monster”. Thank you Tressa.

Dane Weller

A powerful story as told through the eyes of Tressa Graves, who is a victim herself. The story is inspired by actual events and told only in the sick manner a true victim could say it. Although the story is a purely fictional account, it is based on real life places and events. Upon reading this and realizing Tressa Graves has lived though ‘some’ of this, it should leave you experiencing an, “oh my God, what the hell was that” moment.
JJ Security Services

The Stalking Monster is very graphic. It’s a tale of human suffering and endurance at the hands of a madman…..its riveting, and very realistic. you will find yourself inside the mind of the victim. seeing what she sees and feeling what she feels. all the way to the end….trying to keep hope alive for this poor woman….you wont be sorry for getting this book.
J Eudy

A story so repulsive, you can’t put it down. You have to know what happens next.

Jason S.

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