The Stalking Monster

The Stalking Monster is a graphic story inspired by actual events

If you have not purchased The Stalking Monster do so now….some things are just too morbid to make up! Real life is much scarier than any fiction…

The Stalking Monster, is a fictional account inspired by Tressa Graves’ ongoing stalking case. The story is of a demented stalker by the name of Rod Hunter, and his wife Cathy, who become obsessed with singer, Michelle Teague. Michelle, in fear of her life, shuts down and quits touring. After being abducted and raped, she decides to fight Rod in an attempt to move on with her life. Rod however, will not let this happen. With the help of his friends, Oli and Rian, Rod becomes even more empowered by his sick obsession.

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The Stalking Monster read by Stephen Roberts

The Stalking Monster read by Tressa Graves

The Stalking Monster read by Sam Hamilton

The Stalking Monster PROLOGUE read by Tressa Graves

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