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Tressa Graves 

Tressa Graves goes on The Dark Hours 

Tressa Graves will be doing a show with Stephen Roberts this coming week to discuss her new story The Stalking Monster  The Dark Hours YouTube

Sample Reading from the Stalking Monster 

Coming this week… 

Tressa Graves and Russ McKamey of McKamey 

Me and Russ McKamey of McKamey Manor going live Thursday December 28th…. 

The Stalking Monster final Draft update Rod Dunsworth

Tressa Graves is making final changes in the story. The biggest is a slight name change from Rod Underhill to Rod Dunsworth.  Release coming soon 

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A new post from the Southern Queen of Darkness Tressa Graves.  My Facebook store should be open for business next week…. My social media has been growing very rapidly! My biggest audience and fanbase comes from Facebook.

Coming Soon

A Stalking Monster shirt This will be a must…everyone likes wearing Charles Manson, Albert Fist and others. This is right up there with pure evil. Stay tuned 

Tressa Graves Stalking 

Goodreads is working closely with Tressa to help aid in the Stalking she is enduring.  Thank you Goodreads from the staff at TGP! 

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