The Rusty Humphries Show 
I can’t wait for the new and exciting things to come for Tressa. You’re a beautiful and brilliant woman. I am honored to have met you online. 
Jason Thompson 
A remarkable debut. It is understood that an artist only progresses and grows more refined with time and experience. Honestly, the only way to write a great book is to have already written at least one before. Tressa Graves is the best example of displaying a poignant maturity and command of her art at an amazingly early stage. One can only anticipate how her work will evolve further. Without a doubt she is the Tennessee Williams of the horror genre: animated characters come to life etched across the darker shadows of a world that is all too real, for these horrors may be occurring in our own backyards. Horror, always rooted in the fantastical, needs to be anchored in a believable reality. This way, we can recognize it, we can feel it, we can fear it; Tressa’s writing brings us to this, then pulls the rug out from under us. It is here that the understood trust between writer and reader becomes shattered, and unpredictability materializes. The unexpected becomes worse. The unknown becomes more horrifying. And the tension mounts to new limits. Tressa Graves is not for the squeamish. Vivid, relentless, brutal, and terrifying is what you’ll find here. Read on…if you dare
Hatch & Ripper 
Ripper and myself own a Horror magazine based out of Sarasota, Fl. entitled LOP magazine. We came to this website because Tressa told us there were nude photos of her… we are waiting! Or did you mean new? Ha!..:namespace prefix = v ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:vml” /> Tressa is a wonderful person to work with and very talented… and she can write too. I have the pictures to prove it! We Love you Tressa, and keep up the good work… now that you are writing for us too.
Critically Ripping you,
Hatch & Ripper 
Dave Baker 
WOOD KILLERS is one of the scariest books I have read in years! If you like to use your imagination, then READ THIS BOOK!! The number of chills it gave ME, I cannot count! 

Tressa & I met at the SCREAMFEST 2003 Con in Plantation, Fl.

We hit it off BIG & have been good friends ever since. I promote the genre I feel she is headed down a road of all-new adventures & success!! Please join me in congratulating her & welcome her as a FRESH NEW face in the world of HORROR!! luv Ya’ , Dave
Tony Busciglio 
I met the Authoress Tressa and immediately became a fan 
Tressa wow! you are so talented. I am so glad you were able to see my show, while you were in town. As an Actor/Singer/Writer myself, I love discussing and sharing my art with others especially when they are also artists. I am so impressed with everything you have done and plan to do. Please more books, articles, and pictures. You are a delight to know and so very talented. I look forward to an exciting future through sharing our talents and knowing you. 
Friends always
Love Tony 
The Delightful Tressa who stole my heart and stole everything else she could get her hands on. But she is one sexy thief. 
Yes, of course, Tressa’s books and thoughts and speaking with her makes my flesh crawl, a feeling that I love. And her sexiness and beauty, and smile makes me want to be almost human. Of course a very bad boy human. I will love working in L.O.P magazine with her and will enjoy our great and horror-filled friendship. Not knowing what will happen next. Suspense and flesh-tingling excitement always. All my cold-blooded love Tressa. Mister Creature

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