Welcome to the world of the Official Tressa Graves, Southern Queen of Darkness. Tressa has worked with El Paso Wounded Warriors, and looks forward to working with them again in the future.

Here you’ll find Tressa’s  fiction books:

  • The Sawgrass Footpath
  • The Lady in the Backyard
  • The Dark Hours Series-a book of short stories  (coming soon)

And one nonfiction book coming soon, all about the stalking that she is fighting now.

  •  The STALKING of Tressa Graves

Anyone interested in booking interviews or public appearances please contact Tressa’s Manager – Sam Hamilton at samhamilton.tn@gmail.com


I have read your book in its entirety. I must say, I was very disappointed. No, more than that, I am appalled.
After corresponding with you over the last week or two, I thought I knew the kind of mind I was dealing with. We talked about your Southern roots. Your confusion as to the behavior of the residents of the state you lived in up north was well articulated, and your observations were spot on. All throughout the narrative, you sprinkled idiosyncrasies of your personality into one of the main characters. You do this so well, we naturally feel we know who the characters are, and what the outcome of the story will be; however horrible the journey is to get there.
I have read my share of horror. The elaborate character histories of Stephen King, the suspenseful tales of Alfred Hitchcock, the graphic fright of Clive Barker, the eerie otherworldly fright and descriptive cavern and dungeon scenes of Howard P. Lovecraft are all part of your repertoire. But your Edgar Allen Poe heart stopping finish, is just so unpredictable and shocking, I can’t recommend it to any reader of any age.
You, my dear, go far over the top. I hated it. It disgusted me. I have been betrayed. Now stop reading this and get back to typing the sequel.

Phillip Assenmacher
Associate Producer, Owner and Chief Cinematographer
Creep Theater Assenmacher Productions 

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